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CommonThreadz — Create a Fundraising Page

Get your page, share it with friends, & raise money to help those less fortunate Share 

How it Works:

Create a fundraising page for any occasion, event or special day (an adventure challenge, give up a birthday, holidays, sporting events, memorials & anything else) & let everyone know about it by email, facebook, etc.

Your friends & family respond to your appeal & make a secure donation on your fundraising page. You can create a page for yourself or as a representative of a group such as a religious org, sports team, school, etc.

CommonThreadz, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, gives 100% of the donated gift amount to our programs for orphans & vulnerable children in Africa, Haiti, Nicaragua & other developing nations.

See what a finished page looks like

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  2. Add Special Occasions to Ask for Donations on Your Fundraising Page

    You can let friends know that you are asking for donations and support for a special occasion(s) such as a CommonThreadz adventure challenge, holidays, giving up a birthday, special eventspersonal occasionsgraduations, memorials, or anything else below. If you do not wish to add an occasion, click the button below the add occasions field. Be creative!

    Name of Occasion: Month, Date & Year:

  3. Click here to add another occasion >>

     Check here if you canít think of any special occasion(s). We will create a general fundraising page for you.

    Choose one of the three fundraising goals below or set your own. (Can be changed later.) *
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  4. Please add a personal message to your friends & family asking them to give a donation in your name. The more personalized the fundraising page text, the more effective it will be. Include any details about the occasions you are requesting the donation for & remember to thank them for their support & for visiting your page:* (Max 4,000 characters. Can be edited later.)

  5. We highly recommend you personalize your fundraising page by adding a photo.
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  6. You may also submit 1 YouTube video explaining your fundraising project (Can be changed or added later.)
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CommonThreadz is a registered 501(c)(3) charity. All donations are tax-deductible.